Corizon and Louisville Metro Corrections have been partners for approximately 20 years.

There has been recent media coverage in Louisville related to inmate deaths at Metro Corrections.

First and foremost, it’s always difficult for everyone when a patient dies. Corizon extends its sympathies to those affected, and we take very seriously any situation involving our patients’ health. At Corizon, we are committed to providing quality healthcare services and we work closely with Louisville Metro Corrections to continuously improve the delivery of these services to our patients.

You should know that over the entire period of the current contract with Louisville Metro Corrections, Corizon has never been found responsible by any Court for having provided substandard care to, or causing injury of any kind, to any Metro Corrections inmate. We have also had zero nursing board complaints filed against our nurses at Metro Corrections, and no complaints filed with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. We stand behind the high level of care we provide to our inmates in Louisville…

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